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alk through our doors and embark on a unique dining experience. Feel as if you are in a generations-old neighborhood trattoria in Italy while you take in the rustic yet refined pizza and surroundings of our historic 1889 building and patio in Old Colorado City, including the adjoining art and jewelry gallery.

Enjoy our hand-made food paired with special beverages - including hand-crafted beers and exceptional wines - all at very approachable prices. Know that we make our own dough every day with Tipo 00 flour imported from Italy and blended with organic Colorado whole wheat flour. Taste our buttery smooth mozzarella made fresh by hand daily. Savor the vine-ripened flavor that comes only from pizza sauce made with hand-chopped San Marzano tomatoes grown at the base of Mt Vesuvius where the soil is so perfect our tomatoes require no preservatives. Select unique toppings and ingredients imported from the finest artisan producers in Italy and America – organically and sustainably farmed wherever possible.

We are pleased to support our local farmers and locavores year-round – both through Colorado farmers’ markets in season and the Colorado Springs greenhouses who grow for us. We focus on a simple menu with a few items and daily chef’s market specials. We combine slow food movement standards in our preparation -- including the final hand-stretching of your dough -- with fast firing of your menu selection in our pecan wood-fired oven – also made locally made by a westside Colorado Springs mason. Simplicity has its rewards.

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